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The 3 climbs of Mont Ventoux

A - Ascent from Malaucène
– Distance: 21 km
– Elevation: 1535m
- Average slope: 7.3% (maximum 10.5%)
- Duration: 1h30 to 4h.

B - Ascent from Sault

– Distance: 26 km
- Elevation: 1147m
- Average slope: 4.7% (maximum 10.5%)
– Duration: 1h30
To amplify the pleasure, it is possible to reach Sault from Villes-sur-Auzon by the Gorges de la Nesque, magic!

C- Ascent from Bedoin, mythical climb of the Tour de France
– Distance: 21 km
– Elevation: 1610 m
- Average slope: 7.5% (maximum 12%)
- Duration: 1h30 to 4h.

Bedoin’s ascent

This road is the mythical stage of the Tour de France. The most difficult of the 3 climbs, the climb develops on 22 km of winding roads and a slope of 5 to 7% on the first 6 kilometers then 10 to 12% to the summit. From Bedoin to Saint Estève, beautiful set up with a slope of 4.5%. From Saint-Estève to Chalet Reynard on 8 km you climb in the forest. The lunar landscape of the Massif is revealed from Chalet Reynard and for the last 6 km on an 8% slope.

Before your departure train, make sure you are in perfect physical condition.

Equip yourself with a suitable road bike, and check the weather.

Wear warm clothing. There may be a 10°C gap.

Most accidents occur during the descent, be vigilant, take breaks and control your speed.

Avoid leaving at the hottest hours, favor the early morning or the end of the day.

The last 6 km are very exposed to wind and sun. Plan accordingly (wind, sunscreen...)
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Important: the weather

It is not uncommon to leave with quite mild weather at the start and reach the summit in a thick and icy fog (or worse). Culminating at 1911 m of altitude, the thermal gradient between the bottom and the top can be extremely marked and make its ascent delicate. To avoid being surprised by the weather, it may be wise to consult the website of the Mont Ventoux weather station which is updated in real time. This information will be an excellent indicator of the wind and the actual and felt temperatures present. They allow to consider more serenely the ascent and to adapt its equipment..

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